Books by Alexis

Murder and Mayhem Series


Tragedy in Martinsburg


When anesthetist Catlyn O’Bannon travels to rural North Georgia, she expects it to be just another locum tenens assignment. She’s been most everywhere, so setting up a surgery center in Martinsburg should be a piece of cake.

However, Catlyn soon discovers something odd about the anesthesiologist administrator, Dr. Morley, and another locum tenens anesthetist, Clarence Baker. The two men have very different ideas about how to run the surgery center—and they’re both arrogant and rude to the kind citizens of Martinsburg.

This makes working conditions difficult, but it’s nothing Catlyn can’t handle. Then Dr. Morley assaults the daughter of a local pharmacist and the son of a wealthy businessman—and that’s when the trouble really starts. The next thing she knows, Dr. Morley has been found dead in the hot tub of a nearby resort.

The investigation led by Senior Detective Travis Staples takes him, Catlyn and her staff, and the citizens of Martinsburg on a journey back in time— opening old wounds thought healed. As the investigation grinds to a surprising conclusion, lives are changed forever.

Some lives are fraught with hardship and some rise as the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of the Tragedy in Martinsburg.

Written with careful attention to real police procedures, Tragedy in Martinsburg is a mystery that will leave you guessing until the very end.

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Voyager Series, Travels in Space-Time


Voyager:  An Adventurer's Guide to Space-Time

Some believe we exist because of a higher power that guides and judges our souls. Others believe we are the product of evolution—complex mechanisms of cellular engineering, neurotransmitters, and electric impulses. And some believe the world we see is an illusion—a Matrix-like simulation of reality.

All three world views have one thing in common: a belief we are immortal. On this, religion and science agree. Each of us is an everlasting, energy-filled consciousness navigating the wonders of space and time.

Voyager: An Adventurer’s Guide to Space/Time draws from the sciences of quantum physics, molecular biology, and metaphysics to explore the physical reality we perceive and the enormity of the universe existing around us.

Author and metaphysics expert Alexis Brannon explains how and why space/time came to be, the spiritual evolution of reality, and the nature of the Consciousness that guides us on our journey to become true co-creators in space/time.

The first book in Brannon’s planned consciousness-expanding Voyager series, Voyager: An Adventurer’s Guide to Space/Time helps us remember what we already know: how and why we are here.

COMING!!!! The second in the Catlyn O'Bannon murder and Mayhem series. FoulPlay at Castle in the Hills Look for it in December 2018

MapMaker the second in the Travel through Space-Time series will be coming in Spring of 2019  Learn how we evolved from a single cell to the amazing human beings we are becoming!